And here it is, the Overture to Candide

Composed and Conducted by Leonard Bernstein and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Hi! Yes! Hello, thank you for breakfast but you seem to have forgotten my… There are vegetables but… Hello! MA’AM?! MA’AM!

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Tokyo Ghoul bakery AU

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Omfg seriously? I’m not familiar with the title to be honest but this sounds like more than just a coincidence. Thanks for the info!

It’s a pretty influential manga, and there are definitely elements of TG (especially in the premise) where its influence shows through. At first I assumes the naming of Amon and Akira was just a nod to acknowledge that, but with all the “Amon is a half-ghoul now” theories floating around, there might be more to it than that.

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Five Case Studies On Politicization


This is a fascinating article which explains why tumblr users have mostly been uninterested in a long-term systematic organized child abuse ring getting ignored by the police, why many Republicans don’t seem to care about global warming, and many other things, and does so brilliantly. I am impressed. I would say I am convinced, but I already believed this, I just thought it was a particularly good exploration of the topic.

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yo these photos were taken by shikhei goh in indonesia and hes got a whole series of them !

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Okay, time for chapter impressions. I’m gonna be tagging this stuff #tg:re spoilers in the future, for anyone who doesn’t want to see it.

- I’m not nuts about the new kids so far. Urie’s design is nice but his personality… eh. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been that into the whole dysfunctional group dynamic. Ishida has surprised me before by convincing me that characters I thought I’d hate were actually very likable (Juuzou is the shining example of this) so I’m holding out hope that the same thing will happen here. 

- Mostly I’m just extremely excited that Chie finally has a role in the manga. She’s been one of my favorites ever since basic summaries of the novels started rolling in.

- IMO, the most interesting part of this chapter in light of the Haise = Kaneki theory is the “it’s hard to do things for others while taking care of yourself” bit of internal monologue while Haise was cooking for Mutsuki. Since that’s, you know, exactly the same thing Kaneki had trouble balancing in his own life (& ended up paying dearly for). Regardless of whether or not he is or is related to Kaneki, Haise strikes me as really similar to Kaneki as he was early in the series, but without the lack of self-confidence that held him back so much. He’s very interesting so far.

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Where can you find the new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul?
— Anonymous  

Sorry for the really late response HAHA I’ve been out all day… Here you go. As I’m posting this I haven’t even read it yet. LET’S GO

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Really quick summary of the chapter 2 leaks

- The doctor is telling Haise that he and Shirazu have elevated Rc levels after using their quinx, and everyone else’s is normal

- New investigator dude is Itou Kuramoto, and Hirako is back

- Akira is telling that he’s too soft on ghouls and needs to put his kindness away in battle or he’ll be looked down on for more reasons than just being quinx

- Hirako & co. are chasing a Rank S~ (as in, S or higher) ghoul called Orochi

- Chie runs into two investigators (Urie and Shirazu?) and offers to give them information about Torso. Apparently she’s 24

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